5 tips to avoid scams when hiring a fast loan

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The market of personal loans, fast loans and microcredits has grown a lot during the last two years since it becomes a very important skill to avoid scams when hiring a fast loan .

Due to the bad work situation, unfortunately, more and more families and companies need to request a loan to cover some unforeseen expenses or reach the end of the month, this situation has achieved a “called effect” and more and more financing entities that market financing products.

The black part of all this is that in the heat of this situation there have also been many who only try to take advantage of a timely need for financing, which has led to a significant increase in scams and fraud in the fast credit market.

This is the problem that we are going to try to avoid today, how not to fall for an attempt of fraud or scam when you go to apply for a loan, whatever it is. So read carefully, especially if you are thinking of requesting funding soon because you are going to avoid many headaches by following these tips.

Avoiding fraud when requesting a quick credit


The first thing to avoid scams when hiring a fast credit is that you know well what is the usual operation of frauds when requesting a credit . The victim of a scam when requesting a loan receives double damage.

The scammers ask for an advance on the money you are requesting, justifying the costs of processing the credit and, later, when the victim is aware that they have lost that money, they get back in touch with her.

Although this time posing as a claims company to help you recover the scammed money. Of course, this entity asks for an advance to start work and then disappear without a trace.

Therefore, you are looking for financing it is very convenient for you to know how they usually act and follow this series of 5 tips to avoid falling into frauds and scams:

Request financing from trusted entities


Only request and contract a loan in entities that deserve your trust and that you know. If not, first inform yourself about it. Never request financing from an entity that you don’t trust and thus avoid scams by hiring a quick loan.

For example, a very quick way to eliminate many fears you may have is to see if the company or financial institution in question is attached to the Good Finance Loans  that guarantees the safety of customers of entities of this type of loans

At Jessica Ficher we only work and advertise serious and reliable companies and financing entities, so you can be completely calm. As you can see in our fast loan comparator

Don’t advance money

To formalize a loan, you never need to contribute money in advance . And it never is never. So if an entity does, you know that it is a scam so you should get as far away from it as possible.

When you request and hire a credit from a trusted company, it will give you all the information you need in terms of interest rates, amount of interest that you will end up paying, all the money you are going to return and the commissions that will charge you depending on what assumptions, but will never ask you for money in advance.

Be very careful if you are on a list of delinquents

People who are registered on a list of delinquents are the ideal target of these fraudulent companies.

The reason is that people on these lists have much more complicated obtaining financing since many credits and loans put as a condition to grant credit that is not in such a list.

Then, they offer the credit but requesting an advance before, precisely, to delete you from the delinquent lists. They justify this cost for lawyers or bureaucratic expenses but in the end they neither give you the loan money nor take you off the list of delinquents.

Here it is important to make a subsection. Remember, if you are on a list of delinquents, there are only two ways out of it :

– Paying the debt or,

– Proving that the debt is not yours or is wrong.

Therefore, be careful with the companies that are announcing happily that they can take you out of a list of delinquents because in many cases they are deceitful.

Have everything documented in writing


When you go to hire a financial product in general and a financing product in particular, never trust what they don’t give you in writing .

All conditions, and of course, the contract must be in writing. And it goes without saying that before signing it, read it, to know that everything is correct and maintains the same conditions that they told you and agreed in the negotiation.

Other security measures when hiring over the internet

As it is quite usual to make the application and the contracting of any type of loan online it is also important that you know a series of security tips on the internet so that you avoid possible dislikes.

– Address bar security : A green lock must appear on the entity’s web address. This will indicate that it is a secure page.

– “https” Protocol : Also in the address bar, the web address must start with “https” indicating that the security protocol is activated, that the page is secure and you can operate on it without worries.

They are two very basic tips but they work very well and with which you will avoid many of the scams and scams that occur on the internet.

We hope you have clear steps to follow to avoid possible scams when hiring a fast loan . Anyway, in Jessica Ficher we will be happy to solve the doubts you have about any financing entity that is suspicious to you.