Importance of job continuity when applying for a mortgage loan

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The security that can give a bank credit in most cases depends on the ability to pay future debtors. Therefore, every day increases the importance of job continuity as a requirement to apply for a mortgage loan in Peru. Although, some financial institutions also benefit independent employees.

Another important aspect to successfully apply for a mortgage loan is to have a financial history that supports the applicant as a good pay; showing responsible behavior when paying your credit card fees; as well as your previous debts with the bank. The important thing is to appear without faults, delays or penalties in the credit database.

Credits for reliable customers


By demonstrating that there is work continuity and is a probo client when canceling the credits that have been requested; enough points are added for the bank to consider these types of clients as reliable; for having a good record in that experience. Especially when they have performed well with a mortgage loan.

Financial support for workers

Every financial advisor who wants to be a true support for his clients, must speak to them with absolute sincerity about the importance of work continuity when processing a loan; only as not to create false expectations; since they do not have a job that can support them as apt to cancel the fees.

It is a central issue for banks and any financial entity that supports people to buy housing; as long as they have a salary that allows them to cover their expenses; as well as cancel the installments established in the mortgage. Likewise, what happens when you decide to give home collateral to get a loan.

Greater feasibility for mortgage loans

Greater feasibility for mortgage loans

One way to meet the requirements when applying for a loan is the sum of the financial forces; since when two people have had job stability and ability to pay, it offers greater ease for credit approval.

They may even qualify for larger amounts of money on loan; since they have a higher level of feasibility and guarantee of payment.