13.6 inches, more like MBP

Recently, Apple analyst Ross Young shared the latest predictions. He said the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air will use the new screen size, but neither support high-brush mini-LED and ProMotion displays.

Young also said the screen of the 2022 MacBookAir, released later this year, will be upgraded to 13.6 inches, an increase of 0.3 inches over the screen of the current MacBook Air.

The 15-inch laptop will feature a 15.2-inch screen. That’s 0.2 inches smaller than the 15-inch screen of Apple’s previous MacBook Pro.

Due to the new screen size, the 2022 laptop will also adopt a new design, no longer a wedge-shaped design, but a design similar to the case of the MacBook Pro.

Additionally, Young said the new MacBookAir won’t use a Mini LED display or ProMotion technology, which is contrary to DigiTimes’ previous claims.

DigiTimes says the MacBook Air will feature a mini-LED display in 2022, but Young insists that both new MacBook Air models will feature LCD screens to maintain the MacBook Air’s price advantage.

It has already been reported that Apple’s new 15-inch laptop is expected to be released in 2023. This laptop has a screen size of 15.2 inches, and the name may not be MacBookAir anymore, and it is possible to re-enable MacBook naming.

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