A couple dance in the pouring rain on the cover of Morgan Wallen by American Idol alum and street artist Maurice

Native to South Carolina and former american idol competitor, Mauritius goes viral for a street performance by a Morgan Wallen hit that promoted a couple to break out in a scene that seemed straight out of a romantic movie, similar to Notebook.

The 22-year-old auditioned for the singing competition show for the first time with a cover of Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” and impressed the Idol judges (Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie). His voice and touching story as a street performer after going through a tough upbringing earned him a spot in Hollywood Week.

“When I was born I was separated from my mother because she was not fit to be a mother at the time and they really know where and what my father was doing. So growing up was not the easiest”, explained the candidate in a clip broadcast before his audition.

After being sent home after the show, Maurice returned to his regular street performances to continue working on his music career.

“Made magic in Nashville this weekend. These relationships will last a lifetime ⏰ Thank you, @americanidol, for giving me the opportunity to meet greatness,” the singer said in a social media post, as he said goodbye to his time in the world. ‘episode.

Back on the streets, one of his performances which took place in New Orleans attracted great interest on social media as it quickly accumulated. 3.2+ million views. The video shows a couple having a romantic moment as they danced together in the rain to Maurice singing a cover of Wallen’s hit, “Silverado For Sale.” It was first shared on Facebook by a viewer who was touched by what happened that day.

The caption read: “Posting this video in hopes it finds its way to this couple who danced in the pouring rain at the French Quarter Festival today 🎷❤️ love this city.

Maurice showed his excitement for the heartfelt moment that happened in the wake of his coverage. Due to all the love the original video received, he decided to share a video of the same couple from a different angle on his own social media pages.

His repertoire of Wallen covers also includes “Redneck Love Song”. Maurice performed the 2018 If I know myself runway on Bourbon Street in New Orleans as he stood atop his elevated mobile stage covered in velvety purple fabric.

“I sang @morganwallen ‘redneck love song’,” he wrote alongside the video.

During his Idol audition, Maurice explained where his love for country music came from. He explained that his caretaker from one of his foster families had ingrained the fascinating aspect of the genre’s storytelling so much in him that he was motivated to become a country singer himself. This motivation stayed with him as he learned to play instruments and write music.

“My last adoptive parent was a band manager in South Carolina and he not only taught me how to understand music, but he taught me several instruments and how to write music. Everything I did so far is due to Curtis,” he shared. “I never knew what a father was until he came into my life. I always had this idea of ​​just movies, but it literally just got bigger for me and I didn’t have to search for one anymore.

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