Alien’s Dumbest Xenomorph Design Gets a Terrifying New Upgrade

Although not officially linked, a terrifying new Xenomorph design appearing in the latest Alien comic brings a reminder of an idiot from the past.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Extraterrestrial #ten

Due to their reproductive versatility due to their biological imprint, there have been a number of creations Xenomorph redesigns since the classic look debuted in Ridley Scott Extraterrestrial. When a xenomorph moves inside a viable organism, the alien takes on aspects of that organism’s biology in its final form. The version fans are most familiar with looks like her because those Xenomorphs almost always used human hosts (which is why the Xenomorph in Alien 3 took on aspects of a dog). In the last chapter of Extraterrestrial mythos, one of the silliest Xenomorph designs gets a terrifying new upgrade as Xenomorphs evolve into something new.


In Extraterrestrial #10 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca, the people who ventured into deep space and created lives on the lunar colony Euridice escape from their colony after a ship full of Xenomorphs crashes in their community. While searching for missing members of the community, the colonists find themselves in a Xenomorph hive where they encounter an all-new type of Xenomorph, which looks like another creative reworking of the creature that debuted three decades prior.

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The 1992 aliens The toy line produced by Kenner Products was an initiative to bring children into the world of Extraterrestrial by providing content and products suitable for a younger audience. Every Xenomorph toy under the aliens was creatively unique as they merged the classic Xenomorph with a number of different creatures, creating characters like Bull Alien, Scorpion Alien, Rhino Alien, Snake Alien, and Mantis Alien. Where this line of early ’90s toys becomes relevant when discussing the latest Alien comic book series is the design of the new Xenomorphs that colonists of Euridice encountered upon entering an alien hive. . The new creature style resembles an insect with large curved claws instead of clawed hands. This design is reminiscent of Kenner’s Alien Mantis, not least because the two Xenomorph variants share similar curved claws. While this quirky look was meant to get kids interested in Extraterrestrial action figures, this apparent upgrade of this design is absolutely terrifying.

Although similar in some ways, there are key differences worth noting between the two designs. The biggest difference between these two similar but separate and unrelated designs is in the colors of the respective Xenomorph variants. The Alien Mantis is bright green while the newer Xenomorphs introduced in the comics are darker in color, similar to more common Xenomorphs. The other difference between them is in their legs, with the Mantis Alien having two powerful legs designed for jumping and the New Xenomorphs scurrying on at least eight legs similar to their more insect-like relatives, the Facehuggers.

The Alien Mantis and new Xenomorphs look like insects with large front claws, though the new look that debuted recently is easily a whole lot scarier. This is the case not only because the Alien Mantis was specifically designed for children, so its design is more action-fun than truly horrifying, but because of the new ability given to these evolved Xenomorphs. The new Xenomorphs have the ability to reproduce by jumping down someone’s throat and passing on their genetic code themselves, so they no longer rely on Facehuggers to do so. Seeing this process in action is not an easy thing to see, and while this new design may be similar in some ways to Extraterrestrialthis is stupid Mantis Extraterrestrial design, this improved version of the Xenomorphs is more than terrifying.

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