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Drawing apps are programs that allow you to create simple images, called vector graphics. These apps have many brushes that you can use to create designs. With many of these programs, you can easily create realistic sketches. Artists and illustrators have a great new tool in their arsenal: drawing apps. Tech-savvy creatives are moving from paper to digital and reaping the benefits drawing and art apps have to offer: powerful drawing tools, special effects, the ability to create vector or raster images, and even graphics. 3D models.

There are now a variety of drawing, art, painting, and sketching apps for creatives, each with their own unique selling point. Some excel in vector drawing, others in graphic illustration. There are dedicated apps for editing photos, imitating hand drawings, and 3D modeling. Although some apps are only available in paid versions, there are plenty of free drawing apps as well. If you search for drawing apps on Google, you will get a comprehensive list of good drawing apps with their popular features and website links.

Here is the list of the best art and design apps for Chrome OS


Sketchbook is a popular digital drawing application and is recommended for professionals and beginners. The best part is that this popular software is now available on Chromebook thanks to Android support. With a large canvas, various tools, and layers, Sketchbook works incredibly well in full-screen mode. It can even be used as an active stylus and also allows palm recognition. You can install Sketchbook on Chromebook without any tricks. Offline support is also available through the use of its Android app.

A sketchbook is a blank canvas. It’s the perfect place to freely express your creative ideas and let them run wild. The Sketchbook app gives you an easy way to capture and share your ideas by providing a digital platform where all your sketches, drawings, paintings, and illustrations are easily accessible anytime. It is the most popular drawing app for Chromebook because of its user-friendly interface which is suitable for beginners and pro users alike. As it is available on play store, users can also use it offline. The main reason for Sketchbook’s success is that users don’t experience any slowdowns or latency issues. Additionally, a user can enable full-screen mode so that he can draw with full attention.

sumo painting

With a selection of 300 brushes, a rich selection of layer effects, and a powerful text editor, Sumo Paint is easily one of the best Chromebook drawing apps you can find online. You must create an account before creating digital paintings or drawings with this platform. Additionally, Sumo Paint also comes with animated and 3D brushes that expand the scope of your drawing and painting options.

Each brush can be easily customized to suit your project needs, as you can choose the brush style, adjust rotation and spacing values, or change the gravity. Color picker and gradient fill tools speed up the painting process and make it easy to switch between colors. All of the images you create with Sumo Paint can be saved to your computer in the cloud, although you only have three different file formats to choose from.


ArtRage is a realistic drawing and painting app for Chromebooks. It offers excellent features and tools for painting and drawing; it’s a paying app. The tools offered in this application correspond to the real properties such as paint thinner, pencil softness and other properties.

In addition to basic drawing and painting tools such as brush, ink pen and pen tool, it also offers essential digital features such as layers with blending modes, fill tool and tracing of picture. It also includes 15 tools with variations on presets and settings, natural painting tools like oil brush, watercolor, palette knife, paint roller, paint tube and other auxiliary tools like fill, fill and color swatch.

gravity designer

Gravit Designer is a complete vector graphics design solution for product designers, graphic designers, and web designers. The program offers a set of powerful tools that help the user unleash true creativity in designing beautiful and detailed vector graphics. Tools include structure, vector, layout, precision, style, text, text and many more.

With tools like designing UI, icons, graphics for marketing tools, creating cool concept art, animations or presentations, Gravit Designer is sure to revolutionize the way you work. Moreover, this cross-platform application is completely free. It can run as a desktop app or in the browser and works seamlessly on Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac devices.


Whether you’re working on a school poster or inventing your next comic book character, Sketchpad makes it easy to bring your ideas to life. Easily draw, edit photos or design your next business card. Create images for social media posts, digital ads, print, or even apparel. Perform quick photo edits with drag-and-drop functionality or get lost for hours in Sketchpad’s simplified digital creation space.

The app comes with offline support, but you can still install it as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and use all of its features without changing any settings. Other than that, Sketchpad offers basic tools including layers, a color picker, 18 different brush styles, and if you like vector drawing, you can do it within the app. Sketchpad also lets you trace images with line and path tools to create very realistic drawings.

art stream

ArtFlow is an amazing digital drawing and painting app for Android users. This app is easy to download to your Chromebook and works flawlessly. The best thing about this app is how easily it converts to near zero latency when drawing on a large canvas. There are a wide variety of tools available such as different types of brushes, opacity sliders, color pickers, etc. Considering the above points, ArtFlow is a great app for drawing and with this app, a person can surely start their drawing journey.

infinite painter

Infinite Painter offers over 160 natural media brushes. It can be used by students to edit artwork, illustrations or photos. It offers many features found in popular desktop illustration software, such as layers and photo filters, allowing students to learn concepts and features that they can transfer to other software. After creating a painting, students can view or share the time-lapse recording of the process. This is a great tool for educators to see how students approach design issues. Along with a wide range of tools and features, the app also offers a growing classroom area that teaches concepts related to apps and design.

Infinite Painter gives you a little leeway to modify your minimalist workspace. You can do this by dragging frequently used tools from the tool panels and pinning them to the top bar. This particular feature is reserved for tablets. In the tablet and phone versions of the app, you can also dock the color wheel and palette. This allows for a much faster color change while painting rather than having to press to open the wheel each time. There are six different color wheel styles to choose from if you don’t like the default style.


Despite a somewhat dated user interface, Boxy-SVG is still a great drawing app that includes all the tools you need to create a digital drawing. With this web application, you will be able to easily create all kinds of shapes and objects, as the Quad Brazier, Cubic Brazier and Arc functions are remarkably easy to use.

Also, you can use Square, Circle, Ellipse, Ring, Sector, Crescent or Triangle options in all your designs. The app lets you choose from thousands of different fonts and change their size and color. Although the app’s selection of brushes is limited, you can adjust the opacity or width of each line you draw. To save your creations in the cloud or on your computer’s hard drive, you will need to create an account on the Boxy SVG platform.


Krita is a comprehensive digital painting application designed for artists. Whether you are creating illustrations, comics, animations, concepts, or storyboards, Krita is a powerful tool for you. It offers many common and innovative features to make painting more fun and productive. There are excellent brush engines for drawing and painting, stabilizers for freehand ink, wizards for creating complex scenes, distraction-free canvas-only mode for effortless painting, clone layers, layer styles , filter and transform masks for effortless editing. destructive.

Krita supports all popular file formats including PSD. It supports onion skin animation, storyboarding, cartoon project management, Python scripting, many powerful filters, selection tools, coloring tools, color managed workflows , flexible workspaces.

Final words: Best art and design apps for Chrome OS

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