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“There’s a whole new group of ‘plant parents’ out there and they’re absolute newbies,” says Lisa Steinkopfblogging since 2011 as The Houseplant Guru and author of four books on indoor gardening, including Bloom, (August 2022). Many of these new plant shoppers started during the pandemic (myself included), but indoor gardening was already becoming a trending hobby among Millennials before Covid.

Enthusiasm for pandemic plants

“One of the biggest things we found was that consumers felt the plants helped them throughout the pandemic to cope with stressful thoughts and feelings,” reports Interviews with producers, an industry publication, quoting a University of Florida professor. The publication predicts houseplant sales will continue to grow, attributing it to the happiness of shoppers. “Indoor plants make people feel good,” added the professor.

Benefits of plants for mental health

I quoted one Medical construction and design business review article in my Wellness by design book pointing to studies with natural elements, including plants, aiding in healing, reducing stress and anxiety, and even decreasing the need for pain relief. That’s not to say your new ficus or fern is comparable to medical care but, as Mulhall notes, “most people spend over 85% of their lives indoors, so these spaces have a big influence on your health.”

“People want to be surrounded by plants in the places where they decompress the most,” says Pismo Beach, a California-based interior designer. Ariana Lovato. She is increasingly being asked to incorporate integrated plant elements into the spaces she creates. “The rooms where we design the most integrated pieces would be the main bathroom and living room,” she says. Kitchens are also popular places for plants, judging by the pictures circulating online. Several kitchen storage companies make plant holders specifically for these high-traffic rooms.

Living walls are also becoming a frequent request for Lovato. These can be created for indoor or outdoor spaces and add visual warmth. Grass walls are also popular trends. “For the Seasonal Living Virtual Showhouse, we designed a hydroponic wall system so homeowners could grow their own herbs while looking stylish.” It was one of the standout features of this online-only showcase home during the pandemic.

Physical benefits of plants

The plants you add to your home can have a positive influence on your well-being, including your physical health. “There is a strong association between the quality of your indoor environment and risk factors leading to heart disease, so great care needs to be taken,” Mulhall suggests.

Plants can also have an air purifying effect, but this will depend on the room, the plants, and other environmental factors. “It is best to combine plants with an effective air purification system in your home,” advises the environmental specialist.

He also notes that houseplants can be part of a healthy diet. “Very young vegetables like cabbage and radishes are high in vitamins C, K, and E. Microgreens are full of antioxidants like polyphenols, which may reduce the risk of heart disease by helping your body repair heart disease. elasticity of your arteries”, one of his focuses as an entrepreneur, based on technology from Clemson University. “There are some interesting crosses between indoor medicinal plants and heart health. Many herbs are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Chamomile, basil and thyme are examples.

Plant tips and trends

Although the pros far outweigh the cons, according to Mulhall, there are some issues to consider when growing the plants. If mold is growing, that’s a problem, he points out. (Some people are allergic to them.) Some people are also allergic to flowering plants. This is something to consider before bringing one home. Some plants are harmful to pets; the The ASPCA maintains a list of these (which houseplant maven Steinkopf recommends to readers). Plants can also attract insects, warns Mulhall. “If you start using toxic pesticides to control insects, you defeat the purpose; there are safe alternatives.

One of the biggest precautions when it comes to plant parenting can be shedding. The most common question Steinkopf asks is “what’s wrong with my plant?” she shares. “People send pictures of plants with spots, dead leaves, insects and mites and ask me to diagnose the problem.”

The most important aspect of a successful grow is choosing the right plant for the right place in your home, she comments. “Know what exposure your home is facing so you know which plants will work for your environment.”

Lovato keeps this in mind for her customers, especially as they get busier with less time for plant care. “Most people want plants that are easy to care for. We also make sure to place the plants in the right places. Hanging indoor plants are a fun trend right now,” she observes.

Some systems are available today to facilitate successful cultivation, Steinkopf explains. Electric lights that can give plants exactly what they need are a trend she suggests for beginners. “Economic lights work very well and are an economical way to grow a lot of plants in a small space.”

Self-watering pots are also popular now and are an easy way to keep your plants hydrated. (Lovato says her clients love their convenience factor.) The soil needs to be very porous so it doesn’t stay too wet, and drainage is essential, Steinkopf says. “A lot of people feel like they just need drainage material. Although it is possible to grow a plant in a container without a drainage hole, it is not easy and for new plant parents in particular, a hole is a must.

Last words

“Learning about the benefits of different types of plants is super important and interesting,” says Lovato. Its California homeowner customers invest heavily in landscape and indoor plants, but you don’t need a favorable climate or a gigantic budget to make plants work for your home and your life.



Lovato, Mulhall and Steinkopf will share their insights on plants in an hour-long conversation at the Clubhouse tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Eastern/1:00 p.m. Pacific. You can participate in this discussion WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS here. If you can’t attend, you can watch the recording via Clubhouse Replays or the Gold Notes design blog here next Wednesday.

IMTS 2022 Conference: Production Metal 3D Printing Mon, 13 Jun 2022 04:30:02 +0000

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) pioneer Volocopter has taken another step in bringing UAM to life: its fixed-wing passenger aircraft, the VoloConnect, completed its maiden flight in May 2022. This achievement makes Volocopter the only eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) developer to have an entire fleet of distinct aircraft configurations undergoing flight testing.

Volocopter’s third product solution, the VoloConnect, delivers longer and faster routes than any other Volocopter aircraft to date, with a range of over 60 miles and flight speeds of over 155 mph. The passenger aircraft’s extended range and higher payload will take business travelers and commuters beyond downtown on routes like Burbank to Huntington Beach in Los Angeles, California. With the VoloCity and VoloConnect air taxi designs meeting the demands of metropolitan flights and suburban routes in densely populated areas respectively, Volocopter is ready to meet a wider range of passenger flight needs. The VoloConnect is targeting entry into service in 2026, while the VoloCity is targeting a commercial launch in 2024.

“Having a whole family of electric aircraft in the test flight phase is a pioneering achievement,” said Florian Reuter, Volocopter CEO. “Volocopter’s industry leadership stems from announcing plans and then visibly implementing them with public test flights. Our technology platform is the foundation of our aircraft family approach and s proven to deliver results with astonishing speed. Volocopter brings these innovative designs from the ground, to the air, and then to cities around the world!”

“This is an extraordinary moment for us – seeing the VoloConnect soaring into the sky marks the achievement of one of our key milestones and demonstrates exactly what we are capable of in a short time and in line with the company’s overall strategy. company for both manned and unmanned aircraft,” says Sebastian Mores, Chief Engineer, VoloConnect. “In addition, new technologies will be tested which will be gradually implemented during the overall development of the program,” Mores said.

Volocopter has designed the VoloConnect and its other eVTOL aircraft to meet the highest aviation safety standards according to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The prototype made its first flight in May 2022 after only 17 months of manufacture and performed a few maneuvers for 2 minutes and 14 seconds during its first flight. The prototype has all the aerodynamic and performance characteristics expected of the future commercial product.

The VoloConnect is a transport and cruiser aircraft optimized for missions beyond urban and suburban space. Reducing moving parts to a minimum, its six rotors facilitate vertical takeoff, while two electric fans combined with lift-creating wings ensure high forward speeds. Its prototype is currently undergoing a series of demanding flight tests to verify that the aircraft and its systems are within performance limits and prepared for further development. This phase includes low-speed, transition, high-speed, and engine-failure testing for subsequent automated and autonomous flight – all standard testing for eVTOL passenger aircraft manufacturers. During the first three test flights of this campaign, the team was able to verify a significant portion of the eVTOL envelope with forward speeds of up to 40 mph and lateral flight speeds of 28 mph during testing.

VoloConnect is poised to energize Volocopter’s total addressable UAM market, alongside existing members of its aircraft family, the VoloDrone and VoloCity. There is no shortage of technological differences between VoloCity and VoloConnect passenger aircraft. Importantly, their unique designs for their specific flight missions, with the VoloCity multirotor air taxi ready to serve intra-city routes, while its transport and cruiser big brother will focus on longer urban and suburban missions. .

Four Hundred by Design, ‘reservation conduit’, connects advisors to luxury properties: Travel Weekly Sat, 11 Jun 2022 16:07:08 +0000

A new platform for travel advisors, Four hundred per designhopes to connect agents with luxury properties and offer them increased revenue, 10-day payout after client check-out and more.

The product, which is called FHxD, is the brainchild of Tony Abrams and Tony Shepherd, respectively founder and CEO of luxury travel agency Four Hundred. The pair launched FHxD last October, after Shepherd said he and Abrams wanted to start a business that would help other travel advisers.

FHxD acts as a “booking conduit” between agents and properties, Shepherd said. It is free for agents, while providers pay FHxD to be part of the platform.

Its target user, he said, is a small independent contractor-owned boutique agency that books luxury travel but might not have access to supplier programs with higher volume-based commission payments.

“They don’t do enough business to be part of a preferred supplier program, but they may have two or three unicorn customers who take huge trips each year, and they want to see if they can maximize their revenue” , said Shepherd.

Tony Berger

Before Shepherd became CEO of Four Hundred, he was a consultant for Virtuoso, helping it expand in Europe and onboarding some 80 agency members there. Previously, he was COO of Protravel International for over 25 years, before it was sold to Internova (#7 on Travel Weekly’s 2021 powerhouse list) – his family founded the agency.

Rounding out FHxD’s management team are Karen Goldberg, formerly Managing Director of Hotels and Resorts at Virtuoso, and Robert Eastman, formerly of Villas of Distinction.

Currently, there are around 150 hotels and 250 villas in the program, Shepherd said, and that number is growing. The average daily rate for FHxD bookings is $1,600, and half of the bookings are suites.

What attracts advisors

While Shepherd initially thought higher commissions would attract advisors, the team finds that more are interested in the faster payout and the fact that they don’t have to chase after a commission. Travel advisors also benefit from the FHxD team of six agents who make the reservation for them (all they need to do is fill out a form on FHxD website), saving time and effort.

While FHxD makes the actual booking, the advisor remains the official agent for the transaction and controls everything else relating to their client’s travels. Users must provide a valid IATA number or similar code identifying them as a travel agent. This information is used to process commission payments.

Shepherd encouraged agents to sign up and check out the platform’s offerings, even if they don’t book anything.

“They can use us once a year, they can use us 10 times a year, they can’t use us once a year – it’s up to them,” he said.

FHxD also offers marketing assets, a quarterly magazine featuring a number of properties on the platform and a quarterly white paper on industry trends.

At present, FHxD has between 500 and 600 registered users. So far, Shepherd said, he’s encouraged by using the platform.

“We were pleasantly surprised at how many people came to us for help,” he said. “And, of course, not every request turns into a reservation. That’s true for every customer request. But we’re quite happy that the look-to-book ratio is very strong.”

Match made in heaven: Comic book lover Jappy Agoncillo best suited to design new Donovan Mitchell shoe Fri, 10 Jun 2022 12:14:00 +0000

MANILA, Philippines — For Filipino illustrator Jappy Agoncillo, adidas Philippines couldn’t have picked a better artist to collaborate with on a special colorway of Utah Jazz goalie Donovan Mitchell’s latest signature shoe.

Which is to say, he knew Mitchell’s background was his perfect subject.

Like Agoncillo himself, Mitchell is a big fan of comic books and superheroes. The latter’s first projects with adidas were actually collaborations with the Marvel franchise.

According to Agoncillo, working on a shoe for someone like Mitchell feels like something written in the stars.

“I think a little bit of me thinks it was meant to be. Like it couldn’t be any other artist than me because it’s such a big part of my job,” Agoncillo said during Issue 3. from the DON “Origin Story” Launch at the adidas Brand Center on Friday.

“That’s what people identify in my work as ‘oh the comic style type that makes the murals look like comic books,'” he added.

Moving away from 2D murals, Agoncillo brought his love for comics and superheroes to life by designing the shoe with vibrant colors that would remind someone of a comic book cover.

Although admitting that he couldn’t have imagined being able to release his own shoe design when he started, the Filipino artist just felt that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

“Doing this for the NBA player who is known for working with Marvel is just something that couldn’t have gone the other way, personally that’s how I believe it is,” he said. he declares.

DON’s ‘Origin Story’ Issue 3 is now available at the Brand Center starting today, while it will also be available at various adidas stores nationwide and in Southeast Asia by Sunday the 12th. June.

A pair of Filipino-designed shoes sells for 5,800 pesos.

‘Design book’ helps pave the way for Keene Arts Core Wed, 08 Jun 2022 18:35:00 +0000

June 8 – Plans continue to progress for Keene town center to get a new swathe of color, as a recently released report for the long-awaited Arts Core project details areas teeming with opportunity for murals, the greenery and even a new market.

The Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design, based in Washington, D.C., sent a final design book to non-profit Arts Alive Keene on Saturday, visualizing the concepts for the project, which aims to encourage Main Street pedestrian traffic on the streets side streets and alleys, along the city center’s east-west axis. With the report published, Arts Alive enters the outreach phase of the project.

“We are looking for downtown partners willing to get involved and help promote the idea of ​​building a more vibrant Keene,” said Jessica Gelter, CEO of Arts Alive.

The initiative is timely, Gelter said, as it would provide a commercial and cultural hotspot as Keene prepares for a multimillion-dollar downtown infrastructure overhaul to improve systems that were built at the late 19th and early 20th century.

Gelter said Arts Alive plans to apply for grants and conduct local fundraising to cover Arts Core costs, but does not expect financial assistance from the city.

Arts Alive’s mission is to build a community that values ​​the arts and sees them as an integral part of the economy.

In 2021, the organization was selected from a pool of applicants to receive technical assistance for CIRD’s Arts Core, which was created by the National Endowment for the Arts and the non-profit Housing Assistance Council. In March, CIRD Architects visited Keene and met with Arts Alive to present sketches of what a revitalized downtown corridor might look like and brainstorm ideas.

In the recently released report, CIRD said the goal of the project is to build a community in Keene that values ​​arts and culture, which it believes are important contributors to a thriving society and economy.

According to the report, the Arts Core’s primary focus is the area surrounding Gilbo Avenue and Emerald Street.

Proposed renovations include extending the sidewalk to the street on Avenue Gilbo near Cafe Yolo and moving existing parking spaces forward, to improve street boundaries and increase pedestrian safety . This would narrow the street in this area and make room for a proposed market structure with roof covering to accommodate events such as farmers’ markets and to make room for vendors, without removing parking spaces, said Craig Stockwell, a local Arts Core artist. Committee.

According to the report, CIRD project team members noticed the potential for a stronger connection across Main Street where the bike path crosses near Railroad Street and Gilbo Avenue. They conceptualized a revitalized pathway with a painted crosswalk, sidewalk and bike path, awash in vibrant colors. Accompanying the pathway, hanging lights would illuminate the walkway between the Margaritas Mexican restaurant and the adjacent Yolo cafe.

Stockwell said the area around Gilbo Avenue is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint.

“Gilbo is kind of a wasteland,” he said. “There are huge parking lots, and it takes something to bring it to life.

He added that because Gilbo Avenue is adjacent to Main Street, which is a busy area, it is the perfect location for the focal point of the project.

Other project concepts include constructing islands and bumps in parking lots, to accommodate landscaping and adding a sidewalk along Emerald Street near the Brewbakers Cafe.

The Keene Arts Core project has been in the works since at least 2018, beginning as an “arts corridor” initiated by the Monadnock Economic Development Corp. But plans stalled amid the pandemic when MEDC ran into financial difficulties.

Arts Alive breathes new life into the idea after taking the reins last year.

Stockwell said it was great to see the plans moving forward.

“Our dream is to make it an attractive place for young people and to make it a better community,” he said.

Hunter Oberst can be reached at 355-8585, or

‘The Sandman’ actor Tom Sturridge calls the costume design ‘amazing’ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 23:32:46 +0000

The sand man. (L to R) Tom Sturridge as Dream, Kyo Ra as Rose Walker in episode 108 of The Sandman. cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

Actor Tom Sturridge is one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood right now thanks to the buzz from the upcoming and highly anticipated Netflix show The sand manand he recently opened up about one of his favorite parts of the show: the costumes.

In a recent panel for Netflix Geek WeekSturridge called the costume designer by name to praise her work, calling it “magical.”

“Sara Arthur, our costume designer was amazing, and…the exciting thing about Dream is that in our story, he enters into so many different worlds and it was so important for him to carry the authority that he has in these worlds. Who is Dream in Hell? Like, who is he in contemporary London? Who is he in his own throne room? And that was a huge act of imagination on his part and on the part of all of our people trying to answer those questions that aren’t questions you get asked very often in a job like this. Like, normally it’s like, ‘What’s the coolest pair of jeans?’ And yes, it was magical.

Netflix calls the series “a rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama, and legend are seamlessly interwoven.” If that’s not enough, you’re not alone. The show, adapted from a comic book by superstar fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, is renowned for being esoteric.

In the series, Dream is part of a dark collection of siblings called The Endless. He recently described who the Secret Society really is.

“The Endless are a mysterious collection of beings, seven siblings, the children of the cosmic entities Night and Time. They are the anthropomorphic embodiment of certain forces. Powerful human forces. In order of age there is the fate, death, dream, destruction, desire, despair and delirium.

Netflix recently announced that the show will begin airing on August 5.

From Fashion Boutiques to Wallpaper, Storage Milano Advances the Design Conversation Sun, 05 Jun 2022 00:28:00 +0000

Damon Johnstun, design journalist in Portland, will cover the 60th edition of Mobile fair, the prestigious furniture and design fair, from June 7 to 12 at Fiera Milano Rho in Milan, Italy. Trends and products that debuted at Milan Design Week last year are making their way into showrooms. Here’s a designer spotlight:

On the recommendation of a friend during Milan Design Week 2019, I attended an event by the Swiss manufacturer Geberit, which manufactures suspended sanitary ware. I was struck by the inventive display. The tubes created an enclosure that could easily have been a forgettable setup. Competing with the best design in the world, this humble use of materials not only heightened the experience, but was memorable years after seeing it.

The creators of the exhibition are the founders of the architecture, interior design and product company Milan Storage. Since 2002, the company has earned an impressive reputation designing boutiques for major luxury fashion brands such as Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Tod’s and Alberta Ferretti as well as corporate and residential spaces.

The founders of Storage Milano, Barbara Ghidoni, Marco Donati and Michele Pasini, use their knowledge and sophistication to mix colors and natural materials in unexpected ways. They are inspired by designers Gio Ponti, Jean Prouve and others, and present modernized and interesting spaces.

Storage Milano designed the Antonioli shed in Ibiza.Milan Storage

Sometimes they leave the surrounding environment almost raw, while creating jewel box-like structures in space as seen in the Bally showroom in Milan and Antonioli shed in Ibiza. Other times, every inch of a project is lavished with fine materials like at Pritelli space boutique in Vicenza where hundreds of square feet of diamond-matched marble slabs create a kaleidoscopic wonderland.

The sophisticated use of curves with angles recalls the nautical themes at the entrance to Dsquared2 in Milan and the Giuseppe Zanotti shop in Hong Kong. Ghidoni, Donati and Pasini demonstrate the mastery of almost brutal minimalism in stores for Neil Barrette, Aquasalata and Golran.

During Milan Design Week 2021, I stopped by the Milan Storage office near Piazza Venezia, where I entered through a quiet street and was rushed into the building. I was greeted in the yard by Donati, one of the partners.

Donati described Storage Milano’s strategy to reinterpret a brand’s DNA. If customers ask for something whimsical based on the 1940s-1950s, they make it. “We do it our way, but we respect the customer,” he says. One project was inspired by the Novecento Italiano art movement of the 1920s.

Storage Milano designed the Dolce & Gabbana boutique.

Storage Milano designed the Dolce & Gabbana boutique.Milan Storage

On a new project, Donati sees her role in the theoretical and architectural arena as Ghidoni excels in detail and decoration – she has taken over the management of the Dolce & Gabbana boutique – while Pasini bridges the two realms.

Donati considers shape, form and architecture to select materials for each project. “If I see something that doesn’t have a nice shape, regardless of the material, I won’t like it,” he said.

Although the company is known for its extensive use of brass, Donati personally leans towards natural wood and stone. He currently favors colors in a natural or neutral palette such as light brown as well as blacks and grays. It uses bright colors only as accents.

He estimates that 50% of the company’s work is in retail, 30% in offices and restaurants and 20% in residential.

Storage Milano designed the Bulgari store.

Storage Milano designed the Bulgari store.Milan Storage

They are currently working on the design of several private homes, hotels, a restaurant in Mykonos and one in Milan, a flagship fashion store and energy efficient offices for Bally in Switzerland. They are also about to complete the design of Headquarters of Italian eyewear conglomerate Luxottica in the Tortona district of Milan.

Acting as “architects on loan to interior design projects”, they will also renovate over 20,000 square feet for the online marketplace. Archiproducts‘ headquarters in Bari, Italy.

In addition to architecture and interior design, they have several industrial design projects for tiles, lamps, armchairs, faucets and wallpaper.

“Listening to the customer is one of the key secrets to our success. If we think something is wrong, we start a discussion and the discussion always improves the project,” Donati said. Good design “is a balance between function and form”.

—Damon Johnstun


More design stories from Damon Johnstun:

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Behind the design of the Galaxy Tab S8 Sat, 04 Jun 2022 04:20:43 +0000

(MENAFN – Dubai Public Relations Network)

Behind the design of the Galaxy Tab S8

The innovative legacy that the Galaxy line is known for doesn’t just stop with its smartphones, it also applies to all devices from Samsung Electronics. While maintaining the characteristics of each device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop, Galaxy design refines each product into a simple form. This unique design incorporates state-of-the-art technology with the latest trends while maintaining a consistent identity.

The new Galaxy Tab S8 series continues this legacy. Optimized performance is combined with a refined design to extend the user experience in a way that is true to the Galaxy Tab S series.

An Iconic Identity

The Galaxy Tab series has grown over the years, adding core user experiences that reflect changing user needs and applying the latest technologies to devices with a consistent and unique identity. The Galaxy Tab S8 series is a key part of Galaxy’s definitive heritage and identity, and consistently reflects the new and improved experiences it offers users through its design.

The S Pen, a key part of the Galaxy Tab S series experience, lends a unique identity to the Galaxy Tab S8 series while providing flexible and efficient use, and has always been included in the box alongside a Galaxy Tab S series device since its first iteration to accompany the user from the very beginning. Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and S8+ both feature a new and improved S Pen that uses a prediction algorithm for ultra-low latency1, delivering an incredible writing experience that mimics sliding a pen across paper . The S Pen charging track on the back of the Tab S8 ensures smooth and firm operation by means of a magnet, and the camera hole, S Pen and Samsung Electronics logo all line up in smoothness on the back of the device in a linear layout to provide a sense of unity.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series once again offers its users a selection of timeless and harmonious colors. Three colors are available to Series users: premium shades of graphite and silver and a trendy, soothing shade of rose gold. The matte surface of the tablet, cut to match the reinforced metal material, blends luxuriously with the premium color, whatever shade the user chooses.

Extensive experiences
The Galaxy Tab S series has always provided users with a wide viewing experience through a large screen. This experience has been further expanded with the Galaxy Tab S8 series. The screen comes in an ultra-thin bezel that brings new depths of immersion, while the enlarged screen is streamlined to help you navigate better.

The overall design of the Galaxy Tab S8 series combines to deliver a unified and concise user experience in a way that maintains familiarity by using the same keyboard shortcuts as a PC. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s large screen also allows the user to easily split the screen into several resizable windows, so they can multitask without having to switch between apps.2

From a communication perspective, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s ultra-wide front camera helps users communicate clearly when using the device’s widescreen display during video calls or meetings. Plus, the ultra-wide-angle camera automatically adjusts for optimal composition, and the 3-way microphone solution delivers clearer audio to deliver a truly enhanced video communication experience.

Useful versatility

Samsung’s Galaxy products strive to align with the priorities of today’s society and support their users in their quest for more diverse and sustainable lifestyles. Along with its eco-friendly packaging, the Galaxy Tab S8 series also allows users to express their true diversity through the versatility of its shell.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series case3 is convenient to use and adds to the pleasant user experience of the tablet as a whole. The new Book Cover keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S8 series offers the experience of using a laptop thanks to its full keyboard and backlight. While glass is used for the touchpad itself, premium antibacterial polyurethane has been applied to the touchpad area to enhance its usability. Additionally, the Note View case for Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ allows users to write directly with the S Pen on the transparent case that mimics the feel of pen on paper.

The Strap Cover of Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ can be rotated 360˚, allowing users to hold the tablet with one hand and use it freely in the desired direction. Protective case for Galaxy Tab S8 series features an air pocket and shock-resistant inner structure to firmly protect the device, while its free-stop hinge allows users to freely adjust the position angle .

Only the essentials
Galaxy Tab S8 series packaging focuses only on the essentials, conveying only the essence of the product and reflecting the values ​​we hold dear today. Product thickness, camera structure, S Pen, and coloring are presented in a way that makes users instantly aware of the main features of their Galaxy Tab S series product. -even is the thinnest of the series, with the minimization of its volume and its weight allowing the conservation of resources and a reduction of the energy used for transport.

The secret behind the beloved heritage of Galaxy products lies in the consistent delivery of those values ​​that are unique to the Galaxy series. Samsung designers constantly persevere in their journey to bring new technologies to users while continuing to preserve the essential identity of each Galaxy product.

With the purchase of the Galaxy Tab S8 series, consumers have until June 30, 2022 to receive a free single book cover and a one-year subscription to Microsoft Outlook 365.


Legal disclaimer: MENAFN provides the information “as is” without warranty of any kind. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, content, images, videos, licensing, completeness, legality or reliability of any information in this article. If you have any complaints or copyright issues related to this article, please contact the provider above.

Summer cleaning with design in mind Wed, 01 Jun 2022 12:31:00 +0000

It seems like every year our homes go back to square one when it comes to summer cleaning, leaving us with the task of taking a year’s worth of accumulated stuff and deciding what stays and what goes. Take our word for it: there’s no better feeling than heading into the warmer seasons with a cool, uncluttered home.

So in an effort to lessen the burden we face each year at this time, we have some ideas and recommendations on how to keep your space looking cool all year round, as well as some design additions you can make for yourself. ensure your home is as good. like new come next summer.

Smart storage

No one wants to hear this, but the trick to keeping your closet from taking over your closet is to build a strategic organization system that works year-round. Luckily, there are a few accessible tips and tricks to maximize your storage capabilities and create a more organized space, which means easier and faster access to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Before embarking on an expensive closet organization system, consider what items you already have that could be used creatively for storage. Items like baskets, bookcases, and cubbies make perfect storage tools for things like purses, shoes, purses, and other miscellaneous items that need a home.

If you’re looking for new storage units, look for compact and versatile options that can address more than one area of ​​organization. To make the best use of limited wall space, stack shelves or wall hooks on top of your shoe rack to take advantage of your vertical space.

And height permitting, take advantage of a double suspension system for ups and downs – you might just need a little stepladder to access the top row, and you’ve managed to double your storage while keeping more clear floor space for navigation.

Smart installation

In spring and summer, we find ourselves with endless lists of tasks to clean inside and outside the house. The best way to ensure your floors transition smoothly from winter into the warmer months is to install varieties that are waterproof and resistant to surface damage.

DIYthinker Linen Butterfly Tradition Design Embroidery License Plate Tag Car Decoration Peace Day Wed, 01 Jun 2022 09:27:47 +0000 It matches your .

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  • Size: 29.5cm x 14.5cm (12 inches x 6 inches)
  • Classification: License Plate
  • Feature: – Solid metal: durability and resistance; – Will not rust or corrode; -Images are printed from a high resolution file and will not fade over time; -Four pre-drilled holes for quick and easy mounting to any vehicle;
  • Material: high quality and solid metal
  • Quantity: 1 x license plate
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    Size: 29.5cm x 14.5cm (12 inches x 6 inches)
    Classification: License Plate
    Feature: -Solid metal: durability and resistance
    – Will not rust or corrode
    -Images are printed from a high resolution file and will not fade over time
    – Four pre-drilled holes for quick and easy mounting to any vehicle

    Material: high quality and solid metal
    Quantity: 1 x license plate
    Keywords: number plate, linen, car decoration, fabric, car accessory, butterfly, stainless steel, tradition, car, embroidery,

    Perfect to put on your car or for decorative purposes around your bedroom, dining room, garage, basement, bar, cafe or anywhere you want to create your unique styles. Our license plates are made of solid metal for durability and strength. Lightweight and will not rust or corrode. Images are printed from high resolution files for crisp results. Will not fade over time. Four pre-drilled holes for quick and easy mounting to any vehicle (mounting hardware not included).

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