Compal Exposed AMD Benchmark Laptop Design

AMD’s recent Financial Analysts Day event revealed a lot about what the company will and won’t do over the next several years, but that’s not all that has been revealed.

As it turns out, in addition to AMD itself, Compal also made a reveal, or it might be more accurate to say that AMD revealed something made by Compal.

Simply put, the element on the images provided by Engadget is the benchmark laptop design based on AMD’s Trinity APUs.

Advanced Micro Devices has spent the last few years offering little or nothing in terms of mobile PC CPU technology.

While discrete GPUs have never been in short supply, the Sunnyvale, California-based company hasn’t made many mobile processors.

Today, however, the rise of tablets and the constant shift in focus from desktops to laptops are forcing, one might say, AMD’s hand.

The Trinity APUs are the company’s answer to this trend, and this laptop from Compal is one of the coveted design wins.

With a thickness of 18 mm (0.70 inches), the notebook has a low-voltage quad-core APU (Piledriver cores, Radeon HD 7000M graphics card).

There is also an HDMI port, USB 3.0 and a mini-DisplayPort. Flash may or may not also be present.

Compal means the end products will be priced at $ 500- $ 600 ($ 380-456) and will soon begin shipping this benchmark design to its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners.

Thus, the latter will know what architecture, what features and what performance to look for when creating laptops.

For those who want to know what the long-term business plans are, Advanced Micro Devices is accelerating the “true” fusion of x86 and GPU.

By 2014, APUs will be able to decide on their own whether to use the x86 cores or stream processors of the Radeon GPU.

The company also decided to to cancel 10-core and 20-core Opteron units, slowing the platform’s progress overall in the server market.

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