Create Lists in Style with the “Listy” Android App

If you tend to create a lot of lists, Listing is an application that you may not know you need. Sure, you can create lists in any note-taking app, but that’s not the same as using a dedicated app for something like this.

Listy is a very good application to create beautiful lists

Along comes Listy, a really awesome Android app for creating lists. The lists in this app will be much more visually appealing than the lists in your note-taking apps, not to mention that the app can actually extract information from the links you provide.

So, for example, if you want to create a list of movies you would like to see, you can simply share IMDB links with the app, and the app will extract all the necessary information from those links. In other words, you will get featured image, plot, movie rating, etc.

You will of course be able to open each of these links from the application and simply mark them if you no longer need them. IMDb is just one example, of course, those links don’t have to come from there.

You can also create lists of video games, restaurants, books, etc. Yes, you can go even simpler than that and use this app for your grocery lists, and even use it as a bookmark app.

The user interface is simple, but pleasant to use

The app has a really simple yet awesome user interface. It works great, and it doesn’t require you to sign up or anything like that, you can start using it right away. All the content you enter stays on your device, in case you’re worried about privacy.

You can of course manually export and import your data and use it all on another device. Dark mode is also available in the app, but you’ll need to enable it manually.

Some planned features are the ability to share your lists and an optional backup system (so you don’t have to do it manually), while the company is also planning tablet, desktop and watch versions. ‘application.

You can check out some official screenshots below, and also try the app for yourself by getting it from the link below.

Listy App (Google Play Store)

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