Elden Ring app helps track quests and NPCs

Shattered Ring, an iOS app created by Dachary Carey, was specifically designed to allow him to track quests and NPCs in Ring of Elden. Since Elden Ring is deliberately vague and uncluttered when it comes to the map, Carey wanted to be able to organize notes and locations without having to write everything down in a notebook. Shattered Ring costs $2.99 ​​in the App Store and is designed primarily for iPad.

What this fan-made Elden Ring app does

In principle, split ring is a database app where you can enter quest and NPC names, enter relevant locations, and identify whether they are merchants, quest givers, or just acquaintances. Elden Ring has many nooks and crannies, strange secrets sprinkled throughout The Lands Between, so it’s nice to have a way to sort through all the notes you have.

Shattered Ring is both accessible and flexible with appropriate fields for entries. For example, when entering NPCs, you can link them to various locations and pencil in any quests they are linked to. You can also clarify what amenities you can find at a location, including what specific sellers sell. It even lets you track multiple games as well as multiple playthroughs, which is useful if you decide to play Elden Ring again with a different version.

As you may know, this Elden Ring app can technically be used for any game, although it’s more useful for open-world adventures that have a very large amount of characters and locations than a card cannot contain. You might even want to use it for your Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

In other Elden Ring news, a few hackers have revealed more details about the game’s three arenas that hint at possible PvP DLC, and the game has already beaten GTA 5 and Among the USA for most players. simultaneously on Steam.

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