Good e-Reader Radio – Audible and B&N drop in-app purchases on Android


Welcome to the Good e-Reader radio show! Many big brands are starting to abandon the Android platform and stop in-app purchases. Indeed, Google now requires a 30% commission on everything sold in an app and all apps must use their new billing system. Audible, Barnes and Noble and a few others have already made their apps consumer-only. Kobo has promised to continue selling content and will adopt the new billing system. What future for Kindle for Android? Listen and find out!

There were a record number of e-readers and digital note-taking devices released in 2021. I’ve spoken to big brands as well as smaller companies and the 2021 record will be broken this year. There are expected to be over 75 new e-paper readers releasing worldwide in 2022. This is super exciting as at least 10+ of them will be using Kaleido Plus and any new technology to follow.

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