Google has quietly launched the “Switch to Android” app for Apple users

The rivalry between Apple and Android continues after the “silent” launch of the iPhone application “Switch to Android”. The app tries to get ahead of its competitor by teasing round-the-clock security and new privacy tools.

Google tries to entice Apple users to switch to Android

According to the story of ZDNet, making the switch back and forth is quite rare as most Android users stick with Android while Apple users stick with Apple. This, however, does not stop companies from trying to drive users away from their respective competitors.

The article asked how the app promoting Android made it to Apple’s official app store, but highlighted an important detail about Apple. As for the Cupertino giant, they also have a website with the “/switch” URL trying to get users to switch from Android.

Apple also has a page on its website trying to get users to switch from Android

On the Apple website, the company starts by asking users “Are you coming from an Android phone?” share how easy it is to switch from Google to Apple. The website provides users with a walkthrough on how they can move their photos, details, and other important files.

Another key point of the site is that Apple is offering Android users $160 to trade in their device for an iPhone. According to its description, users will get credit for an iPhone when they trade in their Android device.

Google promotes Android’s service, saying users will have access to it when they need it

As for Google’s app, ZDNet points out that it assumes users already want to make the switch by providing them with a guide on what to do. The title itself states “move your stuff from iOS” and then provides a list of benefits users get when switching.

One thing Google is promoting about Android is that users will be able to get it “when you need it”, saying it provides around-the-clock security and new privacy tools. To add, Google notes that their apps “work smarter together.”

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Steps for Apple Users to Switch to Android from Google

ZDNet notes that Google insists that the change is extremely simple and only requires a few steps. According to the post, users will only need to get Google Drive, back up their photos, videos, and other files, and turn off iMessage.

The app’s final conclusions aim to make the whole world more accessible while emphasizing that Android’s battery life is stronger and longer than iPhone’s. ZDNet notes that unlike Apple, Google isn’t trying to sell but rather assumes that iPhone users want to make the switch.

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