Holland imposes a new fine on Apple: fifth fine of 5 million euros for the App Store

Another €5m transfer will have to go from Cupertino’s accounts to the Dutch authorities. advance at the pace of a fine per week the dispute that began in October between the ACM, the Dutch antitrust, and Apple, which has not yet aligned itself with the government provisions of mid-January and for this reason is accumulating a notebook of sanctions which is beginning to resemble to a notepad.

The Authority had recognized a abuse of dominant position by Apple with regard to dating or dating apps (like Tinder, so to speak), establishing that if Cupertino did not open up to payments outside of official channels, weekly penalties would be issued until the alignment of Apple, which instead received a file also on Saint Valentine’s Day.

Apple offered a solution with unreasonable fees

The first fine came on January 15, the day when Apple should have taken measures to avoid “losing” 5 million euros per week, and to date, more than a month later, the situation is unchanged. “We made it clear to Apple what it should have done to align with the decision – says an ACM man – but so far no serious proposal has been received”. Apple retreated into silence after yesterday’s sanction.

Previously from Cupertino, they had let it be known that they would reduce the current 30% commission to 27% (so only 3%) for those who passed the money outside the official channels. In fact, a way to verify the position of the ACM, since the economic contradiction of saving 3% to bear the fees and commissions of payment channels that do not go through Apple is obvious. But the Dutch Authority responded in kind, rejecting a solution which provided “unreasonable burden on developers”.

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