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It should have flexibility, a productive environment and should be designed to accommodate their social status

By Chakshika Sharma

Published: Wed, May 4, 2022, 10:43 PM

When designing the cubicle of a CEO or MD, always keep in mind that he or she holds the highest authority in the office and therefore excellent interior design is very important. . Modern offices meet the diverse needs of employees, with a totally different approach. CEO cabins should have flexibility, a productive environment and should be designed to suit their social status.

Let the chair speak

The most important thing in the CEO cabin is the chair. It’s where you make the most important hiring and firing decisions. The president must always differentiate a leader from the rest of the group. Choose a comfortable chair with rich fabric and texture, which brings creativity and contrast to your workstation.

A desk for brainstorming

Always consider the size, proportion and material of the desk and keep in mind the purpose of the table from which the radical and most important discussions will begin. The ideal counter should accommodate his personal items like a laptop, notepad and a thing or two. The desk in the CEO cabin should be a design statement. Bold, prominent and eye-catching designer tables would add an extra touch of lavishness and luxury to the room.

Accessorize your space

Accessorizing the space means adding your personal touch to the room. It can be anything from a wall clock to adding greenery. The only thing to keep in mind is exactly where everything will come to life. Keep the colors subtle with a hint of bright accents that will beautify the environment. Choose the right curtain fabrics with formal patterns and texture. And also keep in mind that the CEO booth should be soundproofed due to the confidential nature of the discussions that take place there.

Feature wall design

Since there is a lot going on in the cabin, there should be enough storage space and space to keep all private documents. The wall behind the CEO’s chair can be treated as a feature wall with a combination of shelf design. Either can have an artwork with shelves designed on each side. It is better to have storage in the back because of the ease of access. The library does not literally mean to display your collection of books or documents, but can also be used to display awards or medals or anything personal.

Choose a good lighting design

Of course, there’s nothing better than having natural light on your desk. But just in case that’s not the case, there are several other options to consider. The stretch fabric lighting above the CEO cabin is a good option to have an equal amount of lighting. LED lights and mini projectors help create a warm and interesting environment. With the right furniture placement and specific decor elements, the cubicle could be a heavenly abode and mark a standout feature in your entire office.

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