How to keep an app window always visible in Windows 11/10 PC 2022

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Check how to keep an app window always on top in Windows 11/10 PC

No operating system has it all, but Windows 10 lacks one key feature. The ability to block windows on the “top level” of your desktop, appearing on top of everything else. This feature is useful in many ways, from manually copying information between windows, to keeping content open when you need it on your screen, or keeping your video chat open while you work on a project.

You can watch a movie in the background of your computer while you work on other projects, or you can run your file browser on your web browser or word processor so you always have access to your content. However you choose to work, keeping your windows up is important for increasing productivity.

How to Keep an Application Window Always on Top on a Windows 11/10 PC

Upper window

WindowTop is a free utility that lets you pin any app on top of another app, so you can easily continue working and don’t have to minimize and maximize every page and app again and even. WindowTop also comes with exclusive features such as “Shrink Window”, an innovative way to minimize windows. And it has a dark/reading mode, which you can use at night to read. This is a simple way to solve your problem and display any application on top of another application’s window.

Via mouse – DeskPins

DeskPins is a free utility, you can use it with just one click. It gives you unlimited number of pins and you can use these pins to place any app above other app windows. First you need to download DeskPins from the link below, and after installation, a pin icon will appear in your system tray.

Open any application window, if you want that particular window to stay on top of all other open windows, grab a pin from the taskbar and your mouse will turn into a pin. Click that specific window to pin it to the top. The pinned window has a red pin icon on its bar so you can easily see which window is pinned.

AutoHotkey Script for always on top hotkey

Another quick way to set any window above all other windows is the keyboard shortcut. Simply press the key combination to pin any “Always on Top” app or tool. You need to create a script with AutoHotKey which will not be heavy for your system and then you can access it through hotkeys to lock any app as your main app. Follow the steps below to use the hotkey.

  • Download AutoHotkey from here and run the installer to install it on your system.
  • Right click on Desktop. Go to New and select the AutoHotkey Script option.
  • Open the newly created script in Notepad to edit it. Copy and paste the following line into the Notepad file.
    • ^SPACE :: Winset, Always On, , A
  • Now close the Notepad file, double click on the script to run it. If successful, a green logo will appear in the system tray indicating that the script is running in the background.
  • You can now use the “Ctrl + Space” key to set any active window to always be on top of all other windows.

To unpin any window, press the “Ctrl + Space” key again. You can also change the key combination according to your needs.

stay on top

StayOnTop is a simple and useful application with a single function that puts the required application on top of all application windows. No matter how many windows you have open, just right click on it to see all open windows and select the required window to keep it always on top. You can use this tool to satisfy your need to put any necessary application to Always on Top, which was a missing feature in Windows 10. It can be accessed through the system tray.

turbo roof

TurboTop is a very useful tool, you don’t need to assign a pin for any app you want to put always on top, or you don’t need to press the key combination to pin n any app at the top. TurboTop sits in the system tray and lets you set any window to be “always on”.

  • Download Turbo Top
  • An icon will appear in the system tray after downloading.
  • Right-click on its icon to see the list of all active windows. to place any window above all other windows, select it in the list.
  • To unpin a pinned window, uncheck it from the list displayed in TurboTop’s system tray icon.

always on top

Always On Top is a free third-party tool that allows you to place any application window on top of all other windows. It uses a script that sets priorities for all active and open windows. You can pin any app above all other active windows. This would come in handy if you are watching a movie while working or taking notes from any website. Download it from the link below. An icon will be available in your system notification area. Open any app you want and keep it open for as long as you want. After opening this particular application, press the “Ctrl + Space” key to pin it above all other active windows.


OnTopReplica is a third-party DWM tool based on real-time thumbnails that offers you to open the window of your choice on top of another active window. Create a clone by selecting your specific area or window that you want to keep in front. If the selected area of ​​the window is large, you can resize it with the OnTopReplica utility to make more room for other windows. You can set hotkeys to clone window with OnTopReplica for your ease and convenience. This utility requires .Net Framework 4.0 or 4.5 to run on your system.


WinLister is a small but handy utility that can set any application to top mode, and that window will be displayed on top of all other windows, or as a docked window.

This utility also displays the list of open windows on your system. For each window, useful information is displayed: the title, the window handle, the location, the size, the class name, the process number, the name of the program that created the window, etc. Also, you can easily hide, show, close or save the window list to a text or HTML file. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

4t chainring minimizer

4t Tray Minimizer is a lightweight yet powerful window manager tool that performs various functions including pinning the required open window as the top window. You can also minimize window to tray, move up/down, make transparent, hide/show system tray.


PowerMenu is a tool that gives you many working features, including the ability to overlay a window on top of all other open windows. You can also minimize an app to the taskbar to free up desktop space and change the app’s transparency. Always On Top is a useful feature missing from Microsoft in Windows 10 operating system, but I hope with Always On Top feature, you can easily pin all windows on top of all other open windows by following the above methods.

Final Words: How to Keep an App Window Always Visible on a Windows 11/10 PC

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