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The iOS note-taking app, Notability, released on 11.0. update versions. This update officially changes the operation of the application of the redemption system to the subscription model. Initially, Notability announced that old users will be given a subscription period of one year. However, after that, they will have to pay for the subscription again. Nevertheless, it was not well received by users. Subsequently, after a public explosion, Notability has sent an email to users announcing the release of Notability 11.0.2.

All users who purchase Notability before upgrading to the subscription on November 1, 2021 will have lifetime access to all existing features. Notability 11.0.2 is now available. The company declares in the update “aAll users who purchased Notability before upgrading to a subscription on November 1, 2021 can use all existing and previous features for life.

Notability characteristics

This app is a Powerful and extremely simple PDF note taking and annotation tool. A wide range of users use this application. Teachers, students, professionals and even artists use this app. Taking notes is just the starting point; use Notability to find inspiration, capture creativity, and unleash creativity.

Create memorable media notes

  • A variety of note, journal, and drawing tools are available, such as ink, highlighter, text, and audio.
  • Tag imported textbooks, manuscripts, course slides, class assignments, and images.
  • Quickly create notes with a variety of templates, with customizable spacing and background.
  • Infinite page scroll feature helps you explore endless creativity.
  • Add photos, GIFs, web pages, etc.

Stay organized paperless

  • Take notes with you, but without weight, hassle or wasted paper.
  • Use customizable themes and folders to group notes.
  • Handwritten and sketched naturally
  • The ink tool has been optimized and adjusted for Apple Pencil. It brings the most sensitive and precise writing experience possible. It includes two-click gestures to change tools, erase, etc.
  • Accurately erase loose ink or shapes with different sized brushes.
  • Use the favorites toolbar to quickly switch between ink and eraser.

Record and play audio

  • Record conference and meeting content to improve the use of this information.
  • Read the recording, tap anywhere in the note to read what was said at that time.
  • Use presentation mode to share ideas
  • When an external display is connected, the contents of the view can be displayed in full screen without obstructing the toolbars.
  • Use Notability’s eighteen tools to grab audience’s attention, such as laser pointers.

Increase efficiency with the multi-note function

  • Process two notes side by side.
  • Quickly change notes, you can also drag and drop handwritten content, enter text, images, etc.

Type anywhere

  • Complete, left-justified input tool with word count and various fonts, custom fonts, font size and colors.
  • Create outlines, interactive checklists and text boxes.

Import and share

  • Can import PDF, DOC, PPT, image, GIF, etc.
  • Use the built-in document scanner to easily create searchable multi-page PDFs.

Notability is available as a free download for iPad, Mac, and iPhone.

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