“Love has conquered hate”: Bernard Grech promises to rethink PN

Bernard Grech said his re-election as leader of the PN meant that “love triumphed over hate and truth triumphed over lies” as he promised to restructure the party’s structures and modernize its operations.

On Saturday, Grech was confirmed as leader of the PN after winning 81% of the votes cast by party councilors in the party leadership election.

Grech won 1,124 votes out of 1,390 valid votes cast, while 266 councilors voted against the Leader of the Opposition. Votes cast in favor of Grech total 71.9% of all eligible voters.

Addressing the elected representatives of the PN to put an end to the general council, Grech also indicated that the PN intends to overhaul its image and its functioning.

In clear reference to the infighting and factionalism that has driven the PN since 2008, Grech said he called for unity and an end to individualism.

Thanking all PN advisers, Grech said, “I thank you from the bottom of my heart, including those who did not vote for me and whom I have yet to convince.”

Comparing the result to the 69% of party members who voted for him in 2020, Grech said “this result sends a clear message that the party wants more unity.”

The March election defeat, Grech said, confirmed the “urgent need for restructuring and more discipline within party structures.”

Promising to create a better organized, stronger and more efficient party, Grech said the party’s financial situation must be immediately addressed to ensure the party is well prepared for upcoming electoral nominations.

Looking ahead, Grech hinted at a rebranding exercise, which he had ruled out before the March election, adding that the PN needed to refresh its identity.

“We need to understandably look at the PN brand and see which areas need updating. We must remain proud of our achievements over the years, we must seek to make our identity more relevant in today’s world without losing it.

Among other things, Grech said he will order a revised inventory of party assets and ensure that the PN media does not devour party finances.

In addition, the PN will continue to renew itself, giving more importance to its various sections to “improve the radiation of the party”. This will strengthen the PN’s policy-making process, Grech said.

Raising awareness, he said, will require more home visits and maintaining contact with local communities. “If you don’t come to us, I will come to you myself,” he said.

He also hinted at other changes in the party structure, including regional directors and the strengthening of the PN’s AZAD think tank and political research bureau.

Grech said all PN members and supporters have a role to play in “redesigning a better party”.


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