MacBook Air’s new design could be even more controversial than the Pro

We were hoping to see the ubiquitous 2022 MacBook Air make an appearance at last month’s Apple event, but alas, change wasn’t in the air just yet. Rumors suggest it could now appear in the second half of this year – and sport a rather controversial new design.

It looks like the much-maligned notch could make the jump from the 2021 MacBook Pro to the new MacBook Air. But rather than the slightly more subtle black of the first, the second is said to feature a bright white notch – just so you can’t miss it. Do you like your notchless MacBook Air? Check out the best MacBook Air deals available now.

MacBook Air rendering

Is this what the notch will look like? (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

iDropNews (opens in a new tab) claims to have seen images of the new MacBook Air, with a white notch. Apparently this matches recent renders we’ve seen, depicting the notch at the top of a white bezel display.

While this seems like a pretty dramatic overhaul, there is precedent here. White bezels have been added to the 2021 iMac and actually work quite well with the delightful pastel color palette. With the 2022 MacBook Air rumored to be the first MacBook in years to come in a series of colors, it makes sense that it could take design cues from the new iMac.

Two of the best newer MacBook Pros side by side.

The notch is the most controversial design touch on the 2021 MacBook Pro (Image credit: Apple)

But the 2021 MacBook Pro has been widely mocked for adopting the notch, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more scorn poured on a whiter, brighter notch. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what Apple really has up its sleeve for the next MacBook Air, which is expected to arrive next year. From the inclusion of the mighty M1 Pro chip to a whole new name (the ‘Air’ moniker might finally be on its way out), we’ve already heard plenty of tantalizing details about the new wearable.

If you don’t fancy waiting to find out what’s next, check out the best MacBook Air deals below and be sure to check out our roundup of the best Apple deals.

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