Makers South A5 notebook cover review

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I have an addiction to pens, notebooks and notebook covers so it’s a bad idea for me to surf Pinterest because I always find too many items to add to my wishlists. I don’t remember if I came across any Makers South notebook covers on Pinterest or elsewhere, but I do know that by the time I saw one online I wanted to see one in person. Lucky for me, they sent me their A5 notebook cover and now I can share my thoughts with you.

What is that?

The Makers South A5 size laptop cover that I will be talking about in this review is made from Herman Oak vegetable tanned leather. Makers South also sells Horween leather covers.

Makers South A5 Laptop Cover has been designed to protect thicker notebooks like Seven Seas Writer, Midori MD A5, Hobonichi Techo A5, Leuchtturm 1917 A5, Moleskine A5 and others.

Design and functionality


This is a no-frills blanket that has a simple yet beautiful design. It is basically a cover that protects your existing laptop.

The cover I chose was made for an A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inch) notebook like my Leuchtthurm 1917 polka dot notebook that I have been using since May.

I opted for Herman Oak vegetable tanned leather because I like the raw look that gets better with age. Makers South also offers other leathers that you can see here.

The front of the blanket is completely plain, with no logo or anything other than the seams that go around all three sides. You can choose the color of the thread. I went with brown. You can see the thread colors here.

Other customizations that may be requested include elastic bands, pen loops, etc.


The Makers South logo is branded on the back of the cover.


The cover is made of three pieces of leather. There is the main cover and two smaller pieces which are sewn to the cover and are used to create pockets for the front and back cover of your existing notebook.


“Installing” your existing notebook takes a bit of effort as you have to slip the notebook covers into the pockets of the Makers South cover.

You will also notice in the image above and below that the edges of the cover are smooth and burnished. This gives a more pleasant finished appearance.


Once inserted, the A5 leather cover turns your existing notebook into a sturdy book that can go with you on all your adventures, even if those adventures only happen in your office or at home.


The Makers South cover worked great with my Leuchtthurm 1917 polka dot notebook. The notebook always opens and stays flat, which is one of my must-have features when choosing a notebook and / or cover.


This type of leather starts out stiff but becomes soft with age. At this time, the lid will not stay closed but this will change with use.

Final thoughts

Makers South makes beautiful leather laptop covers that are just about perfect in terms of workmanship and materials. I did not find any flaws in the leather. But of course with any leather goods you can find markings so you might not receive 100% perfect coverage. And if you do, it probably won’t stay that way for very long once you start using it. But that’s what makes any leather case great… at least for me. I love the look of a well worn leather cover and can’t wait to see how the Makers South A5 notebook cover wears and ages over time.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Creators from the South. Please visit their site for more information.

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Product information

Price: $ 60 – $ 75
Maker: Creators from the South
  • Will last forever
  • Perfect construction
  • Possibility to customize with the color of the thread, pen loops, elastic closure, etc.
The inconvenients:

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