Microsoft announces new features and improvements for the OneNote Class Notebook app

Microsoft today announced the release of new features and enhancements for OneNote Class Notebook in 44 languages ​​and 63 markets. On the Office 365 Class Notebook app home page, they updated the old Get Notebook Links button to include the new Manage Notebooks button, and all the improvements can be found. under this button.

By clicking on the Manage notebooks , a teacher can see all their class notebooks on a single page with an extensive set of features, including:

  • Rename student sections—If you want to rename student sections, click the pencil icon and enter the new section name. Make sure to press to safeguard after adding the student sections.
  • Add a section—To distribute a new section to all students, just click the button Add a section button. Make sure to press to safeguard after adding the student sections.
  • Activate the section group reserved for teachers—The teachers-only section group is a private space where only the teacher can see what’s inside. The students cannot see anything. To add a group of teacher-only sections to your class notebook, click the button Activate the section group reserved for teachers connect. Co-teachers also have access to the section group reserved for teachers.
  • Lock the collaboration space—Enabling this feature makes the collaboration space read-only (or locked) to prevent students from making changes. You can move the switch between a locked and unlocked state.
  • Open—Clicking on this link opens the class notebook.
  • Link to the class notebook– Provides easy way to copy class notebook link to share with others.

Microsoft also announced that the OneNote Class Notebook add-in is now available to everyone. In addition to announcing general availability, they are announcing some new updates detailed below:

  • GA in 44 languages ​​and 63 markets.
  • Help with homework and Edmodo notes.
  • Firefly Learning duty and quality support.
  • Improved help and commenting options.
  • For IT administrators: Support for Group Policy for pre-populating LMS and SIS information.

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