Microsoft launches new Windows 11 Notepad app in preview

Windows-11-Notepad-Dark Mode

Microsoft is rolling out its first update for Windows 11 in 2022. While most updates are previewed because the company has committed to an annual update schedule, the native apps are different. So, for now, Microsoft is making crucial updates to native Windows 11 apps. This includes Notepad hitting preview, while Photos and Media Player hitting all users.

Microsoft now updates Photos – and some other Windows apps – individually. This means that these apps receive updates whenever a new feature is ready, instead of waiting for the larger Windows 11 update. It also means all Windows users get the update instead of just previews on the Insider program.

For the latest updates, Microsoft introduces the new Windows 11 Notepad app. Currently, the app is locked in preview beta for anyone running Windows 11 Build 22000 or newer. New features in the popular Windows app include flow design cues to suit Windows 11, dark mode, and a new settings page.


Despite the Flow design elements like the rounded corners, the Notepad still has the larger Fluent Design aesthetic. As for the new settings page, here users can change OneNote’s font, theme, and change app settings.

Of course, the big change is that OneNote is now becoming a Microsoft Store app, allowing for those in-movie updates.

Application of photos

Along with the OneNote release, Microsoft is making the Photos app available to all Windows 11 users. As we reported last week, the new app comes with several new features to make it an editing suite. more robust.

the new update brings some cool editing improvements, such as placing the crop tool below the image for easier access. Additionally, users can select the aspect ratio to which they want to crop. Still in cropping, it is now possible to adjust the cropping area without losing resolution.

Microsoft has also completed the switch from Groove Music to the new Windows Media Player, a change we talked about in November. This change is now available to all Windows users.

Tip of the day: Windows now has a Linux-like package manager called “Winget”. In our tutorial, we show you how to install and use this new tool which allows the quick installation of applications via PowerShell or a GUI.


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