Microsoft will help cover abortion and gender affirmation travel

  • Microsoft said it will now cover travel costs for employees seeking abortion and gender affirmation services.
  • A leaked draft opinion shows the Supreme Court may be on the verge of revoking abortion rights.
  • Microsoft is joining a growing number of companies with travel expense policies for abortion services.

Microsoft has joined the growing number of companies pledging to help staff move to access abortion and gender-affirming healthcare.

Microsoft said in a statement to Insider that it “will support employees and their enrolled dependents to access essential health care — which already includes services like abortion and gender-affirming care — regardless of where they live in the United States”.

“This support is expanded to include travel expense assistance for these and other medical services where access to care is limited in an employee’s home geographic region,” Microsoft’s statement said.

It comes after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion revealed last week that the court may be set to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade who granted women the right to abortion. If the Roe decision is overturned, 23 states have laws that could then prohibit or severely limit access to abortion.

The maximum amount Microsoft will cover for employee travel expenses is unclear in its statement to Reuters and Bloomberg.

Other companies, including fellow tech companies Amazon and Yelp, have already announced plans to help cover travel costs for employees so they can travel to other states for abortion care. .

Some major employers, including Amazon, announced travel fee policies for abortion services in response to increasingly restrictive legislation in some Republican-controlled states, including Texas and Oklahoma, before the leak. of the Supreme Court.

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