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In years past, Brown has mentioned that App State would see commitments made by big schools that rushed ahead before signing day. Last year, for example, App State asked a handful of gamers to opt for Power Five schools.

Brown said Group of Five schools like App State now have more benefits.

“We don’t stress and go out to see a lot of kids from 2018 with us signing 24 guys,” Brown said. “… This has been a blessing for us, I’ll tell you right now.

The App State pre-game speaker

The general assumption is that the head football coach delivers the pre-match speech.

That’s not how it works at App State, however. Mountaineers coach Scott Satterfield chooses to let strength and conditioning coach Mike Sirignano speak to the football team. Afterward, Satterfield enters to lead a prayer and the team flees from there.

Unsurprisingly, Sirignano likes to take the pre-match lead. But he said each staff member has different opportunities like this due to Satterfield’s laid back nature and lack of ego.

“I’m the thermostat, I like to think about it,” Sirignano said. “If the team is down, I can pick them up.

“We’ve had a pretty cool dynamic here in the coaching staff. . . The coach (Satterfield) is very analytical, he is obviously very competitive, and he is even streamlined.

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