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SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) – Have you been to the Price of Freedom Museum on Weaver Road in China Grove? If not, let me encourage you to find a time to take this tour.

Located in a former school building, the museum was the vision of Bob Mault, whose gas station on Route 152 had been filled with military uniforms and memorabilia. Fortunately, Mault had the vision to seek something on a larger scale for his tribute to the armed forces and to those who served.

What really struck me about the museum is the fact that you look at history through local eyes. The rooms dedicated to each branch of the service are filled with uniforms actually worn by local residents in the service of their country.

Items are identified with the service member’s name and some details on where and when they served, and in what capacity.

On Saturday I met a woman who showed me her father’s perfectly preserved WWI uniform, as well as her brothers’ WWII uniforms and the Vietnam-era uniform of her father. ‘another family member.

The walls are decorated with vintage items such as recruiting posters, war magazine covers, topical photographs and dozens of paintings created by John Hartley of Rowan County.

During the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony on Saturday, I saw Hartley create a special 9/11 tribute painting of a firefighter kneeling amid the rubble of the World Trade Center.

It’s a place that should be seen and probably should be further promoted by county tourism officials. It is truly a unique gem.

To find out more, visit the museum’s Facebook page:

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