Real Wheels: sticker price on its ’67 GTO – $3,928.57

ADA – Rick Crace of Ada simply smiles as he turns the key to start his 1967 GTO.

“I love that GTO sound,” he says as a smile forms on his face. “It’s all about speed.”

Crace bought the car three years ago, driving to a small town south of Rochester, NY, to make the purchase. The name of the city, of all things, was Lima, NY

Crace not only got a nice car in pristine condition, but the owner of the vehicle kept meticulous records. The car came with an inch-thick notebook that included details of any work done on it, down to every oil change.

“He paid $2.50 for an oil change in 1967,” Crace said.

This notebook also included the original window sale sticker. He listed the price of this car at $3,928.57. Standard equipment included a V8 engine with a three-speed manual transmission. Among the options added to the car were:

Air conditioning, $343.20

Power steering – wonderful touch, $94.79

Power brakes – wonderful touch, $41.96

Push-button radio, $61.09

Electric clock, $18.96 Turbo-Hydramatic, $226.44

This is the second 1967 GTO that Crace owns.

“I had a cream-colored one, but it wasn’t as nice as this one,” Crace said. He got rid of it when Uncle Sam gave him a US Army uniform and a free 15-month trip to Vietnam, where he served just south of the DMZ in 1970 and 1971.

The Pontiac GTO was commonly referred to as a “goat”. It is not known how he got this name. One story says this indicates an animal that can eat anything, and the GTO is known to “eat anything on the street”. Another story links the name to the famous automobile man John DeLorean. He was accused of stealing the acronym for the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Crace and his 48-year-old wife, Jane, are careful where they ride their GTO. Recently, he had it at the Happy Daz Cruise-in, which takes place every Wednesday at the South Cable Road restaurant in Lima.

“It’s her baby,” Jane said. “He’s watching her closely.”

As he likes to say, “It’s a car that looks fast just by standing still.”

The owner of the 1967 GTO purchased by Rick Crace kept meticulous records, including receipts for oil changes ($2.50) and the car’s original price.

The sound coming from his 1967 GTO is one of speed, said Rick Crace of Ada.

Rick Crace of Ada bought this 1967 GTO from a man living in Lima…that is, Lima, New York.

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