Rick Astley’s Cover Of The Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” Is So, So Good

Rick Astley has to be the luckiest 80s musician on the planet. The whole ‘Rickrolling’ phenomenon gave his hit song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ a reach far beyond its natural lifespan, and kept the guy a household name for far longer than he expected. probably would have been.

(For those unfamiliar, Rickrolling is when you trick someone into thinking they’re being sent to a website, but the link goes to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” video at up as a joke. It’s a silly viral bait-and-switch gag that’s been going on since 2006.)

But what people might not realize, because his most famous song has become an internet joke, is that Rick Astley is actually a really good musician. The man can saaaang and it seems that he only got better with age.

If you had to pick the most unlikely musical mashup combo, it might be Rick Astley and Foo Fighters. Law? Like who would put them together?

Funnily enough, they reunited in 2017, when Foo Fighters brought Astley on stage at a concert to sing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl even created his own Rickroll-inspired meme, the Dave G’Roll, featuring the band’s song “Best of You.” So there is a story.

But nothing was more surprising than hearing Rick Astley do an acoustic cover of “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters. It is so good. As, so good.

Not knocking 1980s Rick Astley, but that oddly deep voice over a young man was sort of his signature. Ergo, you’d think it would be easy to recognize Astley’s voice no matter what he was singing. But you would be wrong. If you close your eyes and listen to this, you’ll probably never guess it’s Rick Astley.

Maybe it’s because the song itself isn’t something you expect from the “Never Gonna Give You Up” guy. Maybe it’s because you didn’t know Rick Astley was still making music. Who knows. All I know is my jaw dropped watching him knock out an awesome version of a grunge rock song with just his vocals and acoustic guitar.

Seriously, that was amazing, right? Even hardcore Foo Fighters fans gave Astley props in the comments:

“As a huge Foo Fighters fan, all I can say is that this cover didn’t let me down.”

“Tbh I could listen to a whole album of Rick Astley doing grunge covers.”

“Are you kidding me?????? That 80s voice…And one of the greatest acts of all time…I didn’t think you could pull that off…But you did it… …respect to you Rick.”

And, of course, some must have made jokes:

“I love this cover. I feel like the singer will never give up on you or let you down. He doesn’t run and abandon you. He will never make you cry or say goodbye .tell a lie and hurt yourself. I think that’s special.

“This guy should stop making memes and stick to the music! He’s got talent!”

“I’m glad he never gave up. It didn’t let me down.”

But this comment perhaps best sums up what most of us thought:

“God now, I feel bad that we’ve been riding Rick Rolling for so long that we missed the part where Rick Astley is actually a badass musician…”

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