Speak Task App Review – An Overview of App Usability

Typing can be a tedious task, especially when you have to write several urgent notes. However, Speak Task, the smart productivity app, solves this problem and lets you write just by speaking. From creating notes to creating lists, Speak Task can make your life easier by supporting 63 languages.

The application for students and professionals was founded by Izumi Higa on January 21, 2022 for the global user. Since its inception, the app has seen incredible growth due to its ability to solve problems with high-quality results.

In this blog, furthermore, we take an in-depth look at the Speak task. We will discuss its features, pros and cons, and rate the app considering a few points. So, stick with us till the end of this blog to experience the amazing capabilities this voice to text app has to offer.

Characteristics of the speaking task

To add weight to this review of the Speak task, we discuss its crucial features in more detail. Later, we will also highlight its pros and cons. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Built-in voice-to-text functionality

spoken words are converted to text

The main feature you get with this voice recognition app is its ability to convert your voice into texts. Without touching your phone screen, you can take great notes or create lists. The recognition feature is smart enough to ensure that spoken words are converted into text, even from different dialects and languages.

2. Create a to-do list by speaking

create a to-do list by speaking

You can permanently free yourself from the hassle of tracking, especially if your typing speed is slow and there are many items to add to lists. You can simply create a to-do list by speaking and organizing the tasks by categories. For your appointments, shopping lists, or any other requirement, this feature of Speak Task, one of the best note-taking apps, is a great alternative to typing.

3. Set reminders and alerts

Review of the Speak Task app for iPhone

Another crucial feature in this Speak Task iPhone app review that we cannot ignore is setting reminders and alerts. By just using your voice, you can organize your day by creating reminders for different occasions and receive alerts based on your created schedules.

4. Comes with a widget

quick access via widget

The Speak Task app comes with a dedicated widget so you can instantly access app features from the home screen. A great dictation tool, Speak Task lets you review lists and add new notes from the widget. Just click on it and you’ll have quick access through the app’s widget features at your fingertips.

5. Support cloud-based synchronization

Review of the Speak Task app for iPhone

Downloading the Speak Task app allows you to save your notes and lists to a cloud server. So even if you lose your device or want to access those notes from another device, you can do so anytime. Keeping a stored backup of your notes on its cloud servers gives you the privilege to retrieve them at any time.

6. Support 63 languages

Speak Task app review

To convert dictation speech to text, you can speak any of the 63 languages ​​supported by the app. The app’s smart speech recognition technology is able to understand multiple languages, dialects, pronunciations, and accents. Some examples of these languages ​​are French, English, German, Greek, Finnish and many more.

Advantages and disadvantages of downloading the Speak Task app

Now we are going to discuss some pros and cons that you get with downloading Speak Task app. These pros and cons will help us conclude this Speak Task app review more accurately.

Advantages of the Speak task

  • Ability to convert any dictation speech to text
  • Create a to-do list by speaking
  • Organize your day with reminders
  • Supports 63 languages
  • The app comes with iCloud support
  • Includes widget for quick access

Disadvantages of the Talking Task

  • No free version is available
  • Only available for iOS devices

Additional Information for this Speak Task Review

Further information

FOU Ranking

Features– 4.8
Navigation– 4.6
Security– 4.5
Pricing– 4.2


The Speak Task app is an amazing alternative to traditional voice recognition apps like Siri or Alexa. As the app is specially designed to convert voice to text, it provides better accuracy and responsiveness along with increased speed. You can simply speak in real time and within nanoseconds every word you speak will be converted into text. However, it also depends on the processing speed of your devices.

To conclude, after reviewing the app, we found Speak Task to be a perfect choice for boosting productivity. Now, if you also own an app and also want to have it reviewed by us, you can contact MobileAppDaily and have your app reviewed. This step will help you understand the true potential of your smartphone app and you will have the opportunity to promote it on a global app marketing platform.

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