The new app will help you track your Elden Ring quests

fans love Ring of Eldensure – but it’s a bit unreachable for some.

FromSoftware certainly isn’t known for making games that are particularly casual-friendly, with a deliberately obtuse user interface, tough combat, ruthless bosses, and a playstyle that relies on your ability to stay tuned to the game at any time. It may be brutal, but that’s a big part of why fans of the Souls-like genre love it so much.

But, if you want to venture through The Lands Between without some of the stress imposed by FromSoftware’s design, there might be something that could help you get around that.

New app helps you track Elden Ring quests

A brand new application developed by a Ring of Elden fan has been released to help you keep track of all locations, NPCand quests you love to make your trek through The Lands Between a little easier.

split ring is an app that almost serves as a notebook to keep track of your progress, allowing you to take notes on the quests you’re doing, who gave it to you, and where you need to go to complete them. You would think you wouldn’t need an app like this, but with Ring of EldenThe design of deliberately relying on memory, it’s a handy little tool that could make your adventure a little easier.

The app is a work in progress and takes into account user suggestions from gamers on Twitter, but it still offers more than enough to make the game a bit easier for now.

How do I download the Shattered Ring app?

Based on demand, we’re exploring options to bring Shattered Ring to Android. Stay tuned!

The app is available to buy from the iOS App Store for £2.49, but sadly it’s just not available on Android at the moment.

A tweet from Shattered Ring’s official Twitter page suggested it was in the works and could be coming soon, but for now the app is exclusive to Apple devices.

The app is a great addition to a gamer’s kit, and since it’s constantly updated with new content, it’s quickly becoming an essential travel companion for The Lands Between. So if you’re having trouble keeping up with the quests in Ring of Eldenthis one is for you.

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