This iPhone app is ruining your battery! Experts say it’s time to scrap it

When you think of the battery-hungry apps you’ve probably already downloaded on your iPhone, is Facebook the first and only app that comes to mind? You’re not wrong about that – you’d be hard-pressed to find a tech expert who doesn’t recommend deleting the Facebook app and, if you miss the services it provides, accessing the site in your browser at the place. But Facebook isn’t the only app that quickly drains your battery. Some of the most useful apps can do a number on the power of your device. This iPhone app is ruining your battery – and experts say it’s time to delete it.

Google Maps

It’s rare these days to see someone print out directions or rely on word of mouth and instinct to find their way from point A to point B. And there’s a very good reason why. That: A number of navigation apps make it possible to go anywhere in record time without having to fumble with papers while driving. Google Maps is one of those navigation apps that works overtime to give you directions – but it also eats away at battery power in the process. “Almost everyone has it downloaded to their phone, and its constant search for your location drains your phone’s battery,” says Melanie Musson, tech expert at “When you use the app, not only is your location always on, but the app also searches and displays current maps and turn-by-turn directions.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a great alternative app because map apps work the same way, Musson says. “They find you and put you on a map that updates as you move,” says Musson. “Fortunately, you can change some settings on your phone and use the app differently to save your battery drain.”

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iphone app ruin battery


The first thing you can do to help lessen the effect of Google Maps on your battery is to go to your phone’s settings and change the location setting to “while using the app”, according to Musson. “If you don’t change it, the app will use location all the time,” says Musson. “If you’re ok with the app draining your battery while in use, but not all the time, the previous step should be enough. However, if you want to use even less battery, you can download maps from app and use them instead of maps that load as you go.

Downloaded maps aren’t as easy to use, notes Musson, and you might be bored if you’re used to live maps, so you’ll have to decide if saving your battery is worth it. But, if you think Google Maps is just too much of a drain on your phone’s battery, remember: there are options.

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